97 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lucas 50cffd14cf Use magenta instead of purple in new colorscheme 14 hours ago
  Lucas 36d446a450 Add w3m files 18 hours ago
  Lucas b236f68f28 mblaze: add mrm for removing messages 1 day ago
  Lucas fd6b5cc99e Add xenodm files 2 days ago
  Lucas 4f841a1fac New colorscheme 2 days ago
  Lucas 2bf7cf7f71 pstsrv: add w1r3.net 2 days ago
  Lucas 0c497ffde9 browser: make generic and remove redundant scripts 1 week ago
  Lucas 6a795d70f0 credentials: new otpcli can handle otpauth URIs 2 weeks ago
  Lucas c2a5bf806a herbstpanel: fix typo in function name 3 weeks ago
  Lucas 1151d1cc4a Add script for generating otpauth:// URIs 3 weeks ago
  Lucas 5ea77d06dc gitconfig: don't define an editor at all 3 weeks ago
  Lucas f12ede4a16 shrc: add local perl5 lib path 3 weeks ago
  Lucas 4028159ae1 gitconfig: use vi; add pull config 3 weeks ago
  Lucas bfe6426a9b pstsrv: ensure newline after URL and inform failed upload 1 month ago
  Lucas ec3f639580 sekrit: add force flag to add subcommand 1 month ago
  Lucas b37356c964 invidious: allow HTTP URLs too 1 month ago
  Lucas 5fad16dbbd spoon: make mixer volume fixed width 2 months ago
  Lucas 83255497ac hlwm: simplify panel 2 months ago
  Lucas 82b8e95d7e credentials: rename service -> account, 2fa,sfa -> mfa 2 months ago
  Lucas aa6636e6a5 credentials: redefine SEKRIT_DIR 2 months ago
  Lucas a830563ebd credentials: remove -r 2 months ago
  Lucas 1d45d3c561 credentials: use sekrit cp 2 months ago
  Lucas 4657adf4b1 sekrit: bake in clipboard support with cp subcommand 2 months ago
  Lucas 540f26be40 spoon: make Linux match OpenBSD style 2 months ago
  Lucas f1c39a568c shgit: use IFS correctly 3 months ago
  Lucas 6cdd3337fd sekrit: fix arguments check 3 months ago
  Lucas d5e71c46f7 Align shell style all over the repo 3 months ago
  Lucas afb13d9c9c flac2ogg: use the correct variable in loops 3 months ago
  Lucas 17ef04b41a fetch: use a slightly more correct check for TTY stdin 3 months ago
  Lucas 06f9918f2c invidious: change heuristic for using path as ID 3 months ago
  Lucas 3fcbc23542 invidious: handle embed links 3 months ago
  Lucas 7f89a0aaf8 invidious: only allow "known" URLs 3 months ago
  Lucas 0a7dd126e8 invidious: rewrite 3 months ago
  Lucas aa86bb5c6e m: don't increment variables inside subshell 3 months ago
  Lucas 54f5477b0f m: allow showing summary of directories in list 3 months ago
  Lucas 2231ee3e8d pstsrv: fix variable name 3 months ago
  Lucas 66ee27664d hlwm: fix monitor padding for lemonbar 3 months ago
  Lucas 1c78cab349 hlwm: reorder UI settings acording to man 3 months ago
  Lucas 43091854f9 Add plumb script for opening files 3 months ago
  Lucas 2395ee7cbd Add pstsrv for centralizing different paste services 3 months ago
  Lucas 4a86e6f983 m: sorting Maildirs is useless as msort is called later on 4 months ago
  Lucas 78c51d09c7 Add script for rekeying sekrit store 4 months ago
  Lucas 649ead1257 fetch: fix showing already archived URLs 4 months ago
  Lucas 17b440be69 Add script for updating riot-web 4 months ago
  Lucas fa6fbb9e3c Create directory for scripts 4 months ago
  Lucas 10d1e7d0d3 gen-ec-cert: remove wx permissions from generated files 4 months ago
  Lucas eb605487e5 Add scripts from mblaze/contrib 4 months ago
  Lucas 69e00b6f58 Add mblaze related files 4 months ago
  Lucas 96862e6556 hlwm: Fullscreen Tor Browser 5 months ago
  Lucas 63c21d37a5 Only add shgit to PS1 if git is installed 5 months ago