59 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lucas 43091854f9 Add plumb script for opening files 3 days ago
  Lucas 2395ee7cbd Add pstsrv for centralizing different paste services 3 days ago
  Lucas 4a86e6f983 m: sorting Maildirs is useless as msort is called later on 1 week ago
  Lucas 78c51d09c7 Add script for rekeying sekrit store 2 weeks ago
  Lucas 649ead1257 fetch: fix showing already archived URLs 2 weeks ago
  Lucas 17b440be69 Add script for updating riot-web 3 weeks ago
  Lucas fa6fbb9e3c Create directory for scripts 3 weeks ago
  Lucas 10d1e7d0d3 gen-ec-cert: remove wx permissions from generated files 3 weeks ago
  Lucas eb605487e5 Add scripts from mblaze/contrib 4 weeks ago
  Lucas 69e00b6f58 Add mblaze related files 4 weeks ago
  Lucas 96862e6556 hlwm: Fullscreen Tor Browser 1 month ago
  Lucas 63c21d37a5 Only add shgit to PS1 if git is installed 1 month ago
  Lucas c145066753 tmux: add binding for toggling status bar 1 month ago
  Lucas 036418abee Use ecparam instead of genpkey 1 month ago
  Lucas f53179091a gen-ec-cert: make encryption optional 1 month ago
  Lucas f0505b1d11 gen-ec-cert: reuse the private key if it exists 1 month ago
  Lucas ea435f67d5 gen-ec-cert: better error checking 1 month ago
  Lucas e139dfbdb9 gen-ec-cert: remove useless -nodes 1 month ago
  Lucas bce4c8c754 Add script for generating self-signed EC certs 1 month ago
  Lucas 0dd308156c herbstpanel: also show current tag 2 months ago
  Lucas 64ef0b5728 herbstpanel: only show urgent tags 2 months ago
  Lucas dda3865373 Update hlwm panel 2 months ago
  Lucas 776714b53c spoon: add OpenBSD output customization patch 2 months ago
  Lucas 3ca9d661dc Adjust repeat rate 2 months ago
  Lucas f46aaa286b spoon: update OpenBSD config.h 2 months ago
  Lucas eec2186ce6 Configure font size for xterm 3 months ago
  Lucas 01c6a6d22d Merge xsekrit into credentials 3 months ago
  Lucas 83d15c417d credentials: handle all cases with one function 3 months ago
  Lucas c0f051acd7 sekrit: code nits 3 months ago
  Lucas 5d9c0c0830 sekrit: make check_key more strict 3 months ago
  Lucas adaa10ee08 Add riot-web-ui 3 months ago
  Lucas 8f00ffb6b8 Fix credentials short-circuits 3 months ago
  Lucas be2b7edc4c Add flac2ogg 3 months ago
  Lucas e29482a373 Add default umask 3 months ago
  Lucas e405c1de7b Only run git-status inside a work tree 3 months ago
  Lucas dab4dcce0c Use correct variable 3 months ago
  Lucas 8362f872f4 More shgit rework 3 months ago
  Lucas e2a89e04b6 Add transmission-daemon settings 4 months ago
  Lucas 349ce73952 Rework behind / ahead commit count 4 months ago
  Lucas 09bf6ae01a More style fixes for shgit 4 months ago
  Lucas 0d2097cee2 Quote bare '?' as it's a glob pattern 4 months ago
  Lucas ba76c45683 Fix shgit shell style and reenable it 4 months ago
  Lucas 9b49b33642 Small refactor for screenshot 4 months ago
  Lucas c84c0e3a99 Unify shell script style 4 months ago
  Lucas 8d3ae231bb Fix imgresize size expansion 4 months ago
  Lucas 2934979ce4 sekrit style fixes 4 months ago
  Lucas 404fa47fd9 Add dedicated prefix for manpages 4 months ago
  Lucas 63edc5f58d Add sekrit 4 months ago
  Lucas 024b065d3b Add mpv config 4 months ago
  Lucas d2ed3d3367 Add noflash to nexrc 5 months ago