Portable environments files and scripts.
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Lucas 50cd17d821 xinitrc: small changes 1 month ago
bin fetch: use glob expansion instead of find, for speed 3 months ago
dotfiles xinitrc: small changes 1 month ago
gpg/git gpg/git: update PGP key 7 months ago
mblaze mblaze: remove contrib 9 months ago
procedures Update ZSK rotation instructions 10 months ago
spoon Use magenta instead of purple in new colorscheme 1 year ago
themes themes: convert colorscheme.c to Perl 11 months ago
utils Add script for doing djb2-based term colorization 5 months ago
w3m Use `cp -R` instead of non-standard `cp -r` 12 months ago
xdg-config-dir fontconfig: use IBM Plex family as default font 3 months ago
COPYING Initial import 2 years ago
Makefile Simplify dist target 1 year ago