DOS-like OS for Intel 8086 / NEC V30
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Primary goals

  • Run on 8086 or up
  • Be able to load and execute a COM program from disk
  • Support for running programs in the NEC V30 8080 emulation mode

Secondary goals

  • CP/M syscall compatibility
  • Terminal emulator for COM1 (like picocom on linux)
  • Boot linux
  • Editor (nano or ed-like)
  • Self-hosting assembler


You can generate a 3.5” floppy image with make fd1440.img, a 5.25” floppy with make fd160.img.

Build requirements:

  • make
  • nasm
  • mtools >=4.0.20 (Debian buster or up)

Useful for testing:

  • C compiler
  • qemu-system-i386

The Makefile has other potentially interesting targets.