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grapho - documentation compiler

I write documentation in markdown. Many people don't like to read markdown. md2html converts markdown into an HTML page which i can publish directly. md2tex converts marktown into a TEX document, which i compile into a professional-academia-looking PDF using pdflatex.


These are AWK scripts. The input markdown goes into stdin. The output document comes out of stdout.


md2html < > README.html
firefox README.html

md2tex < > README.tex
pdflatex README.tex

If the awk option stylesheet is given, the HTML document can made prettier with external CSS.

awk -v stylesheet='/style.css' -f md2html <

Supported constructs

  • Headlines up to level 3
  • Paragraphs
  • Bold, italic and inline monospace
  • Image figures if they are in the same folder
  • Code listings
  • URL references
  • Lists

Not supported

  • Tables
  • More than 3 levels of nested headlines
  • Images from an url
  • Inline images
  • Unicode characters (im german, maybe i will add it for umlauts)