A golang package for logging to a file
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package flog
import (
// LevelType defines the level type
type LevelType uint8
// All possible log levels
const (
LevelDebug LevelType = iota
var levels = []string{`debug`, `info`, `warning`, `error`, `critical`}
// String returns the name of the level as string
func (l LevelType) String() string {
return levels[l]
// LogEntry is an entry for the log
type LogEntry struct {
Level LevelType `json:"level"`
Time time.Time `json:"time"`
Message string `json:"message"`
StackTrace []StackTraceEntry `json:"stack_trace,omitempty"`
// StackTraceEntry is an entry in the stack trace
type StackTraceEntry struct {
Function string `json:"function"`
File string `json:"file"`
Line int `json:"line"`
// LogFormatType defines the log format
type LogFormatType interface {
FormatMessage(io.Writer, LogEntry)