DOS-like OS for Intel 8086 / NEC V30
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Nero 1dea0c40bc Add skeleton of assembler 5 months ago
dump.asm i still dont know what im doing 2 years ago
earlymcb.asm Add lib function for MCB allocation from bootsectors 2 years ago
fcbparse.asm Advance on 8086 emulator 2 years ago
fdc.asm Meh 2 years ago
log2.asm log2: implement using left rotate through carry 2 years ago
nasmcomp.asm Use nasm compat file to allow custom asm variant 2 years ago
opcode80.asm Refine opcode 8080 table 2 years ago
popcnt.asm Oi vey, sar is sign-extending, which is not what we want 2 years ago
print.asm random fixes 2 years ago
printf.asm Rename printf file for more consistent naming 2 years ago