Nodejs backend for Baumkuchen
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Baumkuchen Backend

Baumkuchen is a group that scanlates manga.

This thing expects you to have a collection named titles.

Rename example.secrets.env to secrets.env and add the stuff mentioned there.
Then npm/ yarn run start and boom, ur ass got a shitty API? lol.

I'm not going to implement sort | order and limit, because it doesn't make sense since the scan group is small.

title endpoint

3 thing here...

  1. /title

    • POST = Creates a new title entry
  2. /title/:id

    • GET = Retrieves a single entry by id.
    • PUT = Edits a entry by id.
    • DELETE = Deletes a entry by id.
  3. /titles

    • GET = Retrieves all of the titles if no query is provided, if query is provided /titles?q={title || altTitle} retrieves a title based on the title name or alt title name provided.
id: ObjectID,
title: String,
altTitles: Array,
description: String,
images: Array,
createdAt: Date,
updatedAt: Date

body-parser is deprecated... sh sh shut the fuck up, I'm confused too.